Politics,Economics and The Struggle To Survive In America


     "The Revolution Begins Now"         

Welcome my friend, get ready for an experience and adventure unlike any before. This site is about the awakening of our innermost thoughts and deepest fears. What I want from you is an open mind to what you will be exposed to. Do not think of Conspiracy Theory as you take this journey of enlightenment, but as an awakening! I promise you that , what I place in front of you is nothing but the TRUTH! If you are awakened by my research please spread the word, and hyper-link my site to your facebook or text it to your friends and family. Also go to Members and join the site it's "FREE" and please sign the Guestbook. Knowledge is Power. This movement is going to be unlike any before. We will be the pebble's in the pond, whose ripples become tidal waves....

                                               By Jerrald J President


  Our Time is now, we can know longer sit on our hands waiting for someone to save us. Knowledge is power and information is the key to unlocking the mental prisons we currently reside in. The world needs us all to unite and fight the global bankers and wicked politicians who do their bidding behind closed doors. The time is now....... 

                                                         Mr Jerrald J President 





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